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Hardscaping service

Hardscaping Service

Hardscape elements can also define the use of a space, such as with a driveway, or it can lead visitors through different zones of softscaping, such as with a gravel path that winds through a grassy area and into a secluded garden.

There are several ways to use hardscape elements to enhance your property.

Options Include:

Stone retaining walls

Creates a planting area or converts a slope to flat yard space.

Stone Landscape Steps

Have heavy stone slabs that make beautiful outdoor steps.

Tile Patios

A great way to dress up a concrete patio slab.

Metal Fences

Includes coated steel, which is the modern standard, but iron is still an option.

Wooden Fences

Use the most versatile fence (and hardscaping) material—wood.

Wooden Arbors Or Gazebos

Enhance a landscape while providing shade.

Flagstone Patios

The low-cost option for natural stone outdoor flooring. Option for natural stone walkway or patio.

Paver Patio Or Walkway

Most commonly installed hardscape in the area due to cost and functionality.

Gravel Paths

Have a “softer” alternative to brick, concrete, or solid stone.

Stone Walkways

Ideal for garden paths.

Brick Patios

Offer a more upscale and natural look than concrete.


Arbor-like structures attached to the house or other building.

Wooden Decks

Are hardscaping, too, just like patios.

Concrete Patios

The classic low-maintenance and versatile patio option.

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